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Dr. Aaron Case BSc, DC

We provide diagnosis as well as Active Release, Graston, Shockwave and/or Chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation for various Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) and Overuse Injuries, especially those involving scar tissue or adhesions in and around muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves. At our Vancouver office, local to Point Grey, Kitsilano (Kits) and UBC, patients can expect on-time, professional and comprehensive service towards your recovery and performance goals.

Dr. Case combines his 10-years of formal education with 10+ years of full time Practice experience including Active Release Techniques (ART)®, Shockwave Therapy, Graston Techniques®, Custom Running/Sport Orthotics and Chiropractor Degree to:

  • Treat your current injury with minimal reduction in your activity
  • Improve your performance in sport and life
  • Educate you about prevention and self-treatment so that you become less reliant on him and other therapists

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